Connect to any IoT device.

Whether you have 3G, LTE, NBIoT, LoRaWAN, Sigfox or wired equipment, Stoneroad can connect to them to capture critical data.

Real-time alerting.

Get alerted about any changes in activity in real time, for faster resoltion.

Take action.

Stoneroad apps provide workflow for you to take immediate action.

Mange your IoT devices

Stoneroad’s IoT Cloud provides visibility to your IoT data from multiple perspectivies, including movement object, environment data, building equipment, people movement , as well as monitoring through sophisticated solutions.

ecMonitor® Smart Building Management Solution

For the building management platform, Stoneroad’s ecMonitor® Smart Building Management solution can connect to your building equipment and IoT devices collecting the critical data into one single platform. Visualize your data into different types of the dashboard. Using our mobile application to receive a push notification of the alerts from your building and follow our workflow to complete the actions. ecMonitor® Smart Building Management also provides data analysis reports for you to understand more about your building behaviors.

ecTrak® Smart Fleet Management Solution

For your fleet and assets device platforms, Stoneroad’s ecTrak® Fleet Management Solution app allows you to choose from many different mapping types to support your needs, including custom mapping. Watch your fleet over time, and see metrics for a single device or the full fleet. ecTrak® Feet Management Mobile Apps allows you to monitor and search your fleet/assets anytime using your mobile phone.

ecMonitor® Smart Workforce Management Solution

For the workforce, safety management platform, Stoneroad’s ecMonitor® Smart Workforce Management solution using a small helmet tag that mounted on the worker’s helmet than can provide a safety monitoring on your construction site. Only need 1-2 weeks to finish the whole construction site deployment then the system can start running. All devices and the system can be migrated to another new construction site after construction work has been completed.

ecTrak® Smart Recycle Collecation Logistics Management Solution

For the environmental protection area, ecTrack® Smart Recycle Collection Logistics Management Cloud provides a cutting edge solution from the hardware end that used in the collection process to the office management and monitoring platform. The solution allows you to real-time monitor and manages all the recycle collection processes and provide the complete reports and prediction analysis on your next collection.

ecMonitor® Smart Toilet Management Solution

ecMonitor® Smart Toilet Management solution enables property management companies to optimize toilet cleaning operations and maximize the use of valuable resources. We do this by deploying the Cloud-based wireless sensors to a set of toilet monitoring sensors for the shopping mall and commercial buildings and using the data intelligence to drive operational efficiencies including optimized resources planning and resource analysis. ecMonitor® leverage the latest in IoT and cellular network technologies.

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